In the world, in 2013, exports of BULK wine was around 37 Mhl, which is around 48% up from 2000 and reaches 38% of export share.

In Japan, import of BULK wine was 360,000 hl, 13% of import share, which is +4 points of share and around 248% up from 2005.

 Because of following reasons, bulk wine will be growing more and more .

 - EPA has been effective between  many countries, which lead  Advantage of a tariff rate.

- Improvement of transportation, which enable bulk Same quality as bottled wine.

- Awareness of Environmental Impact, which lead the consumers  to prefer the ecological bulk  imported & consuming area-bottled wine.


Advantage of the BULK

- Freight. Bulk wine can ship almost 2 times than bottled wine in litters.

- Tariff rate. With WHO tariff, the custom  tax on BULK wine  more conpetitive than bottled. The difference  may be wider if your country has EPA/FTA with Japan.

-Environmental Impact. Same as freight, large shipping volume contribute to reduce CO2 while transportation. By using the dry materials made close to/ in Japan, it can contribute to reduce CO2 more.


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